Embodied strategies for a radically changing world…
Body Reclamation

Come home to yourself and inhabit the space and flesh you live in.


Cultural Recovery

Connect, heal & integrate where you come from, what you have inherited.

Know thyself…

Transformative Somatics

Embody the world you wish to bring into existence in all that you do.

Be the catalyst…

Now is the time to go deeper.

Transformative : causing or able to cause an important and lasting change in someone or something

Somatic : (from the Greek word soma meaning ‘body’) of, about or through the body

Transformative Somatics is a framework that fosters change on a deep, lasting level by working through the body. These strategies are designed to help you develop a more trusting connection to the body you’re in, and the relationships you are a part of. Wherever you are today, it is possible to develop a greater level of confidence, safety and courage that can strengthen your capacity for true connection to fully inhabit a rich meaningful existence.