What is Cultural Recovery?

Like a tree whose roots stabilize and nourish new growth, knowing where we come from, and how that shapes the ways that we see, know and understand ourselves and the world, is the groundwork of embodiment. Knowing and drawing from our origins, cultural history and generational wisdom is a powerful means of putting our lives in perspective, and giving context for the work we are here to do.

Our parents, grandparents and ancestors are alive in us in many ways. Physically, their lived experiences and characteristics are encoded into our DNA, and the cultures that we were raised within teach us how to care for and inhabit our bodies and how to treat other bodies and beings. Additionally, the people who raised us, and the cultures and systems we have come into contact with in our lifetimes, shape how we understand the world and how we relate to just about everything. We are connected, yet we are different and we are having different experiences of the societies we are in.

Culture could be described as the unique collection of relationships that develop anywhere a group of people interact. It could also be described as the stories by which a group of people know themselves. There are no clear boundaries around what formally defines culture, however there are many distinct characteristics and features that identify specific cultural systems. Cultural recovery as a practice, is a way of becoming familiar with the cultural, social and political influences as well as historical legacies that are shaping our lives today. It is a way of learning/unlearning and interpreting the stories by which we know ourselves and see the world, in order to become stewards of our own ancestral and cultural identities and carriers of wisdom, liberation and co-creators of the world to come.

Whether your cultural inheritance includes patterns of domination and individualism, or resilience and collective survival in the face of attempted extermination, or a fabric of many intricate influences woven together, there is so much knowledge in your lineage. It is possible to unearth the lost or invisibilized parts of your history, as wall as to transform patterns that have caused harm, and recover the soul of your heritage.

If this work sounds interesting to you, I invite you to set up a free 30 minute consultation.

Typical sessions are 1 hour long and are primarily focused on somatic practices but may include creative or artistic work, discussion, journaling and other tools.
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