Transformative Somatics

How do we stay connected to what matters most to us while balancing the many challenges and demands of modern life? As our world continues to change in unprecedented and unpredictable ways, we must find strategies to adapt to meet the challenges facing our families, communities, and societies otherwise we can find ourselves feeling overwhelmed, burned out, lost, ineffective, or filled with fear.

Transformative Somatics is a collection of tools and strategies that center care for the body in the context of these greater social and environmental changes. Specifically, TS supports us to embody our deepest values and take effective, meaningful actions that translate our values into tangible change in our lives, work, relationships, and communities. It is a way to anchor ourselves in the wisdom that is always available to us, and to embrace our power to move toward balanced, sustainable, mutually-beneficial relationships with others and the world around us.

We all have power, and we shape the world just by living and breathing. The deeper question is: what will we do with that power?

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Typical sessions are 1 hour in length and primarily focus on body-based practices.

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