What is Transformative Somatics?

What is the earliest memory you have of being in a body? Who and what helped you to know and recognize yourself? Where and how do you see yourself reflected in the world around you? These are examples of the kind of inquiry that invites us to be more in touch with our own experience of ourselves and the power we each hold.

The deeper question is, what will we do with that power?

Transformative Somatics is about becoming aware of, and transforming the ways that we move in the world around us. It is about being in relationship with the interpersonal, familial, cultural, systemic and ancestral patterns that shape how we understand ourselves and the world. To recognize how and where we must shift in order to be in deeper integrity with our values, and to more effectively embody and co-create the kind of world we wish to bring about. The purpose of Transformative Somatics is to move you to change the ways that you inhabit your life and the communities you are part of so that you are able to effectively transform the world around you.

‘Somatic’ comes from the Greek word soma (meaning body) and is often used to refer to the felt experience of being in our bodies. Transformative Somatics is a collection of tools and strategies that center the body and the ways we care for the body, but more specifically, this work explores what supports us to translate that care into tangible change in the communities we are a part of through meaningful acts of solidarity, transforming systems, cultivating mutually-empowering connections, and tending relationships of reciprocity. In short, TS is about how we show up. Healing, resilience and empowerment require real connection. By expanding our capacity to be with complicated, messy and challenging experiences while staying rooted in our values and vision, we become more effective at transforming structures in our lives and communities that cause great harm, and create barriers to authentic connection and care.

We all have power, and we shape the world just by living and breathing. Reclaiming and transforming how we inhabit our power helps to develop agency and integrity. It is a way to anchor ourselves in the wisdom that is always available to us, and how we move toward sustainable, respectful relationships with other beings and the world all around us.

If this work sounds interesting to you, I invite you to set up a free 30 minute consultation.

Typical sessions are 1 hour long and are primarily focused on somatic practices but may include creative or artistic work, discussion, journaling and other tools.

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