Background & Training

I hold a Bachelors of Arts degree from The Evergreen State College where I specialized in Somatic Studies and Cultural Psychology.

I have spent years studying various forms of dance, Traditional Chinese Martial Arts, and somatics with different teachers. I have been trained in Laban-Bartenieff fundamentals and also have spent over 5 years engaged in Japanese Butoh exploration and performance art. As a white person learning from culturally based-practices as an outsider, I recognize the inequitable access and present as well as historical harms that have been caused to so many communities by white supremacy, colonization, and appropriation. I do not claim expertise in these practices, and while what I have learned informs my approach to somatics, I do not teach specific techniques that I have not been given permission to share.

I have also spent many years organizing for housing, economic and racial justice in the Olympia area, unceded lands of the Squaxin, Nisqually, and Chehalis tribes. I am a working class ‘poverty scholar’ (a term from the Po-Shunary: a dictionary created by Poor Magazine) and currently organize with a local chapter of Poor Magazine (based out of the Lisjan Ohlone territory a.k.a Oakland) and The Black Power Initiative (a local emergency mutual aid fund created by and for the Black community).

I believe deeply that to show up well in community we need mentorship, and intentional ways to learn from one another. Mentors have meant the difference for me between feeling completely lost and alone and feeling seen and supported to awaken the truth and power within me. I would not be here without the guidance, love and care of so many wise and wild people. I want to especially give thanks to my current mentors:

Kai Cheng Thom, Lisa (a.k.a) Tiny Gray-Garcia, and Chico Herbison, among many other dear friends and loved ones who love me into accountability and show me how to live in my truth fiercely.

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