Working Together

1 on 1 Coaching

One-on-one coaching provides a supportive* container for a variety of needs including grief work, life transitions, creative community interventions and more. I also offer three different entry points to begin working together: Body Reclamation, Cultural Recovery and Transformative Somatics. Each begins with a distinct focus, yet are part of the same framework.

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Workshops & Collaboration

Transformative Somatics is a community-centered framework and all of the tools are designed to build more resilient, sustainable communities and organizations. This can take the form of community workshops and trainings, as well as partnering with organizations to develop collective tools and strategies for systemic change.

Let’s co-create the world we long for. Want to collaborate?

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All tools and somatic practices are approached from a trauma-informed, culturally respectful, diverse-ability perspective.  Body-based practices may be adapted to fit different body-types, abilities, and accessibility needs.  I am committed to cultivating accessible, safe, conscious bodywork spaces that center the wealth of diversity and possibility of all bodies.  Your body is precious, sacred and invaluable. Please feel unapologetic about asking for adaptive techniques or any other accessibility needs, as well as asking questions about my practice that may help you to determine if we would be a good fit to work together.

*Transformative Somatic Coaching centers the body but is not a functional or touch-based practice, it is not physical therapy or massage and I do not lay hands on clients. Somatic Coaching is not meant to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Please consult a licensed medical provider if you have concerns about how engaging with Somatic Coaching practice could impact an existing medical condition.

**I am not a licensed clinical therapist and Transformative Somatics is not therapy. Although coaching may have therapeutic effects, please be aware that within the container of this workI do not assess, diagnose, or treat mental health disordersnor do I provide primary crisis care. I encourage those seeking somatic therapy to view the resources page for links to help find a licensed provider.**

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