Body Reclamation

Everything we know begins with the body.  Our bodies are the gateway through which we experience and explore the entire world.  What we sense, what we feel and how we organize, navigate and memorize ourselves and the world is a living process. Sometimes this process can include experiences that render us fragmented, disconnected or at odds with these remarkable bodies that we call home.  When this occurs we can wind up with physical or emotional pain that manifests in a myriad of ways.  We can also feel lost, trapped or confused about how to feel safe and free to enjoy our bodies as they are.

Body reclamation is a simple, yet powerful way of becoming more intimately acquainted with both the physical and felt landscape of our bodies.  This begins with being curious about our specific, personal relationship with our  body, while also identifying the relationships, stories and social, or cultural experiences that taught us how to interpret and relate to our bodies.

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Typical sessions are 1 hour long and primarily focus on body-based practices.

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