What is Body Reclamation?

Body Reclamation is an approach to embodiment that places the personal relationship with the body within its cultural, socio-political, spiritual and ecological context. Slightly different than radical self-love or body positivity, this work recognizes that respect (and even love) for one’s body is not simply a personal journey of self-acceptance, but a work of reclaiming the relationship with embodiment that has been oppressed, silenced, contorted or violated, and shedding ideas, beliefs and ways of inhabiting our bodies and our world that do not support personal and collective care and liberation.

Body Reclamation begins with being curious about your personal relationship with your body, while also closely examining the cultural relationships that you are in. Through one-on-one somatic coaching and deep personal reflection this work is designed to help reclaim bodily safety, autonomy and power from the institutions and cultural frameworks that historically (and presently) cause you harm, or cause harm through you. Each person’s body is impacted by cultural systems like white supremacy, capitalism and colonization in different ways. Whether you are experiencing marginalization, systemic violence or are in a position of “privilege” the daily experience of being in relationship with these cultural systems has lasting physical, emotional and somatic impacts on the body, and in turn this shapes our relationships with other people and living beings. Reclaiming a relationship with your body that is not based on harmful ideas about yourself or others is the goal of this work.

If this work sounds interesting to you, I invite you to set up a free 30 minute consultation.

Typical sessions are 1 hour long and are primarily focused on somatic practices but may include creative or artistic work, discussion, journaling and other tools.

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